Sunday, May 12, 2013

My blog is now on TUMBLR

For, me, having the visitors stream integrated to my website, and having visitors visiting both my blog and website have always been important.

Blogger is a fantastic tool and has great layout possibilities. However, There has been a while I noticed the most people visiting this blog, never made to my website.

Also noticed a big traffic coming from Google search, made of individuals who were obviously not interested in digital art/art or the things this blog is about. For me, the quality of the visit really matters!

So, to avoid it, I have migrated both my portfolio/website and blog to TUMBLR, to make them more integrated, and have quality visitors who really care for the themes there shared.

Also found out, it is much easier to have feedback and share content on Tumblr syetem, increasing the blog popularity faster than on Blogger (at least, for me!).

So here are my new links: ,

Yes, I am saying goodbye to blogger, at least for a while! If you'd like to keep watching my posts, add my Tumblr blog link to your list! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bettie Page Pin-up on Falcata Times

I streched my skills trying something very different than my usual motives and style: a Bettie Page pin-up who loves both books and games! ;)

Now, this cool artwork is just published on Falcata Times, a very nice blog for book reviews on some of my fav genres :)

Click on the image and have fun!

Monday, February 11, 2013

New year, new site, new blog!

Pushing the boundaries: doing a few commissions in other styles to push my skills further. Here, Bettie Page and Kissy Suzuki.

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a post here! I took a long break, since mid-December last year, due to a long holiday trip and an extra busy beginning of year. 2013, here I go! 

So far this year I have done 6  Black & White illustrations for Grace Draven’s upcoming book, a retelling of the classical “Beauty and the Beast” and have 6 more to go. Have done a couple of interviews, very cool ones for IT’SART (click here and read it) and CG ARENA (coming soon, but you’ll find it here). I’ve done also a tutorial/making of for CG ARENA e-mag, based on a work called “The Green Man, which I developed for this tutorial. 

Have done a very different work, in a cute/caticature-like style for Mad Artist Publishing’s BOND book. Cool huh? And have also done a Bettie Page commission for Falcata Times, in a more cartoony style (soon you wull see it there too!). Noooo, I am not abandoning Fantasy, I am just pushing my boundaries, so that’s why I did these last two mentioned works ;)

On top of that, have been organizing and recruiting artists for a series of video workshops: IT’S ART FANTASY WORKSHOP – taking place during the year of 2013, with 13 themes into Fantasy Art! More info about it coming soon!

Now, let’s take the subject of this post.  I am always thinking of ways to improve and have a website/portfolio which works for me. I have tried several layouts before, after a while I switched to Blogger: I have started a blog and set it to be my portfolio. So when people entered (before) they in fact were seeing my BLOGGER site. I thought it was very handy, I found a layout I customized and seemed to be right for me. I kept it for a year or so.

Since I started a website, back in 2010, I’ve been DAILY checking and monitoring my visitors. I learned very much with this habit, such as which images people like more when they visit my site, which page they are more interested in, where do they come from, where did they find the link for my site, etc.  These are all important data to help you take your site/portfolio in the right direction.

In the beginning of 2012, I published a work on this Blogger portfolio called “A FantasyPortrait of Sir Isaac Newton”.  The piece called a lot of attention, both in my site and my other online galleries. Somehow, after a while, I was receiving a huge traffic of visitors coming from Google Search, all of them looking for “Isaac Newton, Sir Isaac Newton, Newton, etc.” At first I thought it was cool, because I thought some of these visitors looking for images of this great scientist would also be interested in my work and eventually that my commissions could grow. 

The Google Search traffic increased very much within the months, at a point that it started to “suck”! It wasn’t cool anymore! I found out NONE of those visitors searching for Isaac Newton had given me a single commission, feedback or anything back. More than that: they were in the way of me seeing the good, healthy traffic on my stats service. So I took a decision: to take the blog down and make a new website for my portfolio, more industry oriented. I’m still working on it, but I see the changes are for the better.

Talking about changes… I’ve been also thinking about better content for this blog, since its start. “Why not share some of my mistakes, hints and growth as artist” I asked myself lately… So since TODAY this blog is called “Artist in progress” and I hope to make substantial articles about my difficulties, my ups and downs, visions and improvement as artist. I think sharing this experience as well as adding other interesting content such as great news and interviews may help aspirants and also may be interesting for those who have been long down the road!

Stay inspired!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIN 1 year subscription on IT'S ART + a copy of my Artbook with bonus workshops!

Happy 2013 dear readers and friends! This year is promising to be even greater than last year and I can't wait to share many cool news with you!

To start the year with the right foot, IT'S ART is giving you 1 year subscription + 1 copy of Art of Isis Sousa & Guests, including bonus workshops!

Check this page/app on Facebook, enter your e-mail and cross the fingers to win! :)

Good luck!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy holidays!

Dear friends, I am out on holidays until the end of January!

I wish you a wonderful and creative time together with your family and friends during this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013! :)

My Chistmas gift arrived earlier this year... A "Portfolio of the day" on ! Wohooo!!!