Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blood and Redemption

I always wanted to paint Biff Byford (Saxon) and always wanted to paint a Templar Knight.
So I mixed these two wishes in this Fantasy painting: here is Biff, younger and like a valiant “crusader”! (It’s also an allusion to the classic album of the same name!)

This piece, which will also be featured in my art book, is called Blood and Redemption because this is something all the big religions have in common with WAR, according to my point of view. 

Painted with Painter 12, soft airbrush, different blenders to make the colors mix smoothly and a bit of sponge to add texture overall.

References: I had two pics of Biff Byford to help me paint him properly and a technical drawing from the web, where I used as a guide for the clothing and sword of my knight. I also had a photo I took from the Sé  cathedral in São Paulo, Brazil as base for the background.

You can see more about the process in this blog later on! :)

This pieace was also FEATURED ON IT'S ART FRONTPAGE:


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